The Trans-National Politics of Deepa Mehta’s Filming History in Sri Lanka

Funny Boy(cott) ‘Cultural Diplomacy is Foreign Policy’ wrote Eelam Tamil journalist Sinthujan Varatharajah in an Instagram story last week. Varatharajah is at the frontline of boycott calls for Deepa Mehta and her film adaptation of ‘Funny Boy’. They have three ‘Instagram Story Highlights’ on Mehta’s directorial history of reducing Sri Lanka to a country thatContinue reading “The Trans-National Politics of Deepa Mehta’s Filming History in Sri Lanka”


Celebrities That Were Our Queer Awakening

First published on Gaysi Family. Celebrities: we love them, we hate them, and some times the queer in us awakes because of them. Whether it is the character they played, their art and activism, their eyes, the context in which we were exposed to them, or just their torso, a lot of us within theContinue reading “Celebrities That Were Our Queer Awakening”

Film Bonde Is Different, It’s Not Sad.

First published on Gaysi Family. When it comes to black, queer lives, more often than not -commercial and indie filmmakers alike- give the audience an equally heart and gut wrenching narrative of loss, jump cuts and monochrome lighting, complete with somber music in the background. As if only spoon-fed tragedy is capable of having aContinue reading “Film Bonde Is Different, It’s Not Sad.”